That's Fashion!

Quality, Innovation, Professional and Cosmopolitan
This is what Michèle stands for. This is us. A service and team orientated family run company with the highest expectations for our products and for ourselves.

We attach great importance to high quality materials, precise workmanship and a perfect fit as well as to ethics, openness, security and trust in dealing with our customers.

Our female design team create trousers and skirts for the modern, fashion conscious and feminine woman. They work with great passion for detail, knowing the woman they design for very well.  Consequently, Michèle stands for fashion designed by women for women.

High quality standard

Each season Michèle design and develop a stylish, fashionable and innovative collection with exceptional fit.  Our experienced all female design team and our careful fabric selection from the world’s best mills, guarantee the continued success of our brand.  In order to secure and maintain our high quality level, all production processes are meticulously supervised by our Michèle technicians. None of our finished trousers will leave our factory without a diligent quality control check. This is why our returns rate of only 1% is way below the industry's average!

From women ​
for women

The Michèle consumer is a conscious, demanding and selective buyer. Quality is a non-negotiable and decisive purchase factor.  She puts emphasis on fabric, workmanship and longevity. Self- confident and style assured, she knows how to hide a weakness and emphasise her strengths. Our all- female Michèle design team know this woman like no other and design feminine fashion looks in top quality, highest workmanship and exceptional fit for all different figures and shapes. Michèle's collection interpret the 'lightness of being' through their stylish design, with a keen eye on detail.


Michèle focus their product and service policy exclusively towards their trade partners and consumer customers.  Michèle puts great emphasis on reliability, accountability and short channels  of communication. The ongoing, constructive dialogue with their retail partners is vital in order to support their customers with a purposeful service package and a selective marketing policy.

Family run company

Behind each image and each brand are people. As a family run company we focus our policy on ethics, trustworthiness, security and confidence - these form the basis of our success. Our strength lies in the "Together".
We hold our team in high esteem and mutually support and encourage each other, in order to offer our customers the best service. Our overriding aim remains to maintain and increase our leading position as a fitting specialist on a national and international level.